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Carrier Ethernet

Data transmission services using Ethernet technology built on MPLS backbone with fiber, copper or microwave access up to 10 Gb/s

Ethernet light

Internet access service or point to point ethernet access service with asymmetrical bandwidth of 100/10 Mbps

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Direct Internet Access

Reliable Internet access from 1 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s with static IP addressing, which allows among others to build secure VPN networks based on IP-Sec

DSL Services

Cost effective solution enabling aggregation of multiple customer locations on a single E-NNI. In addition, providing Internet access functionality with static IP

CPE rental

Delivery, installation and rental of CPE devices (routers), used for termination of data transmission lines

Mobile data

Provision of wireless access to customer remote location via LTE using no.1 mobile network in Poland


Lease of international telecommunication lines with dedicated capacity (10G/40G/100/200 Gb/s) provided between the locations ordered by the customer

Alien Waves

Lease of optical WDM channel allowing transport of 100G/200G xWDM signal using carrier owned equipment


Platform enabling exchange of traffic among connected carriers, Content Service Providers and ISPs

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IP Transit

Provision of international Internet access supplied by Tier–1 Global Internet Players, through OPL network


Provision of telco space in OPL data centers, which allows to install telecommunication and IT equipment and create connections between the carriers present in such space


Remote access to all major IX peering platforms via OPL high-quality backbone network