Another large and significant content source available to TPIX open peering users.

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Expanding of the address range in Open Peering TPIX


We extend the address class used in Open Peering from 512 to 1024 addresses – from /23 to /22. Please change the address mask on the interface towards TPIX. more

Path Network, Inc. joined TPIX


New TPIX open peering participant. more

Maintenance work on 2023-12-08


2023-12-08 from 00:00 to 02:00 there will be maintenance work on route server tpix-rs2. BGP sessions will be disabled for approximately 10 minutes. more

Why choose TPIX?

You save
You save

When you buy WDM transport from us, you get a VLAN for TPIX open peering for the price of the transmission itself, without additional fees.

You insure yourself technologically
You insure yourself technologically

TPIX allows you to quickly respond to a changing situation, adding bandwidth or additional VLANs if necessary or a sudden increase in network traffic.

You improve the quality of internet sources
You improve the quality of internet sources

Two traffic providers instead of one means a higher quality internet for your customers and a more reliable network.