You can get access to the TPIX platform in many ways. The choice depends primarily on your needs, capabilities, resources and location.

How to get access to the TPIX platform:

  • Through direct connection to the platform’s access devices,

  • Through a dedicated Ethernet VLAN via Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet services provided at your premises or Orange Polska facilities,

  • Through services based on DWDM channels provided at your premises or at Orange Polska facilities.

Physical connection

Physical connection to TPIX platform access devices

The main access switches are located in Warsaw, in the building of Orange at Kazimierzowska 53/55 street and in the LIM building at Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79.

An additional hub, intended mainly for the Internet.optimum (MIX2) service, is located in Katowice, in the Orange Polska building at 101 Francuska street.

Ports and bandwidth

We offer 1, 10 and 100 Gbps Ethernet ports and multiples in aggregated logical interfaces as standard. Customers ordering the highest bit rates are connected directly to backbone devices.

Direct connection to access devices means unlimited bandwidth to the TPIX platform’s open peering service.

Devices and cables installation

You can access Orange Polska’s services by installing your own equipment in our buildings or by bringing in your own fiber optic cables.

  • Orange Polska buildings – according to the terms and offer of Telehousing service,

  • LIM building (Warsaw) – the administrators of this building and the operators located there are responsible for the introduction of cables and installation of devices,

  • Major Data Centers in Poland – they house our equipment, to which you only need to run internal fiber optic cables to use the service on our network.

Connections between LIM and Orange Polska buildings can easily be made using our infrastructure.

Orange Polska network

Access via Orange Polska network to your premises

If you don’t have access to our main facilities in Warsaw and Katowice, you can use Orange Polska’s nationwide access network.

Our access services are based on the following technologies:

  • Metro Ethernet

  • Carrier Ethernet

  • DWDM

We can deliver them to anywhere in the country, provided there is a fiber optic infrastructure. If there is none, you can have us build the section you need.

The access network can be used for all Orange Polska services. VLAN channels can be routed both to the TPIX platform, to TPNET network services and to any other location and customer connected to our network. In this way, you can build a universal and cost-effective network to carry all services.

The Metro Ethernet network is redundant – damages and scheduled works on the optical backbone cables do not affect customer traffic.

Carrier Ethernet and DWDM-based services can be configured with protection routes – as required.

Own resources

Access through own resources

Access to the TPIX platform is also possible by installing your own cable cabinets with devices in telehousing facilities of Orange, or placing your devices in our cabinets.

After conducting a technical assessment virtually every technical facility of Orange Polska can be used to introduce cables of other carriers.

Locations of telehousing facilities and information on the terms of cooperation are available on the Telehousing service page.