The TPIX platform enables the exchange of internet traffic (open peering) between its participants, and through an additional VLAN on the same port, also provides access to many other platforms and services of Orange Polska.

It is required to have your own ASN number – a connection to the BGP protocol – to use most of the services.
The platform is divided into two areas: backbone and access.

The backbone of the platform is built in a redundant manner, which guarantees security and continuity of operation in emergency situations. It is made of:

  • 2 route-servers with the ability to set up parallel BGP sessions for each of them,

  • 4 Juniper MX10008 backbone routers with VLAN open peering instance and Internet.optimum.

The access part is located in facilities that provide convenient access and the highest standard of security:

  • Warsaw – Orange Polska, ul. Kazimierzowska 53/55

  • Warsaw – LIM, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79

  • Katowice – 4DC, ul. Adamskiego 7

TPIX architecture

Open peering participants and customers on the TPIX platform can be connected via the nationwide access network of Orange using Metro Ethernet, Carrier Ethernet and DWDM technologies, as well as via fiber.

Access ports of 1, 10, 40 or 100 GbE allow the TPIX platform to be connected and used in a way that best suits current needs. Carriers interested in TPIX ports can also use third party cables, terminated at Orange, LIM Center and 4DC facilities and their WDM networks.

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How to join

See how to get
access to the
TPIX platform


Service configuration

Check the information needed to properly configure the services


Looking Glass TPIX

Check the visibility of your prefixes on open peering route servers


Looking Glass TPNET

Check the visibility
of your prefixes
from AS5617 level


Looking Glass Internet.optimum

Check the visibility
of your prefixes
from AS29535 level