Service configuration

Check the information needed to properly configure the services available through TPIX platform

Open peering

IP addresses of route servers:
RS1 IPv4 AS29535
RS2 IPv4 AS29535
RS1 IPv6 2001:7f8:27::2:9535:1 AS29535
RS2 IPv6 2001:7f8:27::2:9535:2 AS29535

AS29535 is used by route servers only to establish BGP sessions and is removed from BGP paths broadcast to open peering participants.

Open Peering – communities supported by route servers:
0:peer – Do not announce to a specific peer
29535:0:peer – Do not announce to a specific peer (large community)
29535:peer – Announce to a specific peer
29535:1:peer – Announce to a specific peer (large community)
0:29535 – Do not announce to anybody
29535:0:0 – Do not announce to anybody (large community)
29535:29535 – Announce to all (default)
0:65001 – Do not announce to GGC

29535:997 – blackholing for a single IP /32
65050:190 – set localpref=190 (instead of default 200) at the interface Open peering – Internet.optimum

List of prefixes reachable in TPIX open peering

State as on 2023-10-11


Prefixes of carriers participating in open peering

Records reported by carriers having BGP sessions with open peering route servers


Looking Glass of TPIX platform

Shows routes available through TPIX open peering and routes through Tier-1 or other IXs, as long as the prefixes in question are not available in TPIX open peering


Private peering

Establishing direct traffic exchange with content providers present on the TPIX platform allows you to significantly increase traffic in open peering, improve the quality and reduce the costs of purchasing transit services. Proximity to content sources and the ability to use them is also of great importance to the end user.

We are constantly increasing the number and quality of sources on the TPIX platform. Some of them do not use connections to RS (Route Server) TPIX, so their traffic does not automatically appear on your connection to TPIX open peering.

To exchange traffic with a given content provider, it is necessary to establish a private BGP session with it, in accordance with its peering policy. We set up sessions based on the same VLAN open peering, where – as a TPIX participant – you have a BGP session with TPIX Route Servers and exchange traffic with typical TPIX participants.

How to set up private peering?

  • Correctly register or verify your network description (ASN) in Peering DB.

  • Create or verify a route record in the RIPE Database to link your prefixes to your ASN.

  • Create or verify an AS-SET record in the RIPE database to list all the ASNs whose prefixes you want to broadcast.

  • Prepare your ASN and IPv4 addresses at the TPIX interface, which you will send to the peering partner so that it knows with whom to establish a BGP session.

  • Send an email using the provider-specific addresses listed below (for Microsoft via Azure account), providing all the information from the points above and requesting to establish a peering session in TPIX (ASN 29535).


Internet.optimum AS29535 is a Tier-2 transit service that has Telia AS1299, Open Transit AS5511, Hurricane Electric AS6939, GTT, AMS-IX, DE-CIX, TPIX and PLIX as traffic sources.

AS29535 also has direct contact with AS5617. In the Internet.optimum service traffic volume toward AS5617 is limited to 30% of the ordered bandwidth.

Communities in Internet.optimum

Telia – AS1299
29535:1100 – do not advertise to AS1299
29535:1101 – prepend 1x
29535:1102 – prepend 2x
29535:1103 – prepend 3x
OTI – AS5511
29535:1200 – do not advertise to AS5511
29535:1201 – prepend 1x
29535:1202 – prepend 2x
29535:1203 – prepend 3x
Hurricane Electric – AS6939
29535:4510 – do not advertise to AS6939
29535:4511 – prepend 1x
29535:4512 – prepend 2x
29535:4513 – prepend 3x
GTT – AS3257
29535:4530 – do not advertise to AS3257
29535:4531 – prepend 1x
29535:4532 – prepend 2x
29535:4533 – prepend 3x
29535:4100 – do not advertise to DE-CIX
29535:4101 – prepend 1x
29535:4102 – prepend 2x
29535:4103 – prepend 3x
29535:4200 – do not advertise to AMS-IX
29535:4201 – prepend 1x
29535:4202 – prepend 2x
29535:4203 – prepend 3x
29535:4300 – do not advertise to PLIX
29535:4301 – prepend 1x
29535:4302 – prepend 2x
29535:4303 – prepend 3x
29535:4400 – do not advertise to THINX
29535:4401 – prepend 1x
29535:4402 – prepend 2x
29535:4403 – prepend 3x
29535:4900 – do not advertise to TPIX
29535:4901 – prepend 1x
29535:4902 – prepend 2x
29535:4903 – prepend 3x

29535:997 – blackholing for single IPs /32
29535:9190 – set localpref=190 (instead of default 200)

List of Internet.optimum customers



Looking Glass AS29535

Shows routes available through TPIX open peering and routes through Tier-1 or other IXs, as long as the prefixes in question are not available in TPIX open peering

Check AS5617 is a Tier-2 transit service that has Telia AS1299 and Open Transit AS5511 as traffic sources.

It provides direct peering with AS5617, but with bandwidth of traffic towards this ASN limited to 50%.

For higher bandwidth limits, there are dedicated TPNET peering services with a different pricing model, but with the same community, looking glass, etc.

Communities in

Telia – AS1299
5617:1100 – do not advertise to AS1299
5617:1101 – prepend 1x
5617:1102 – prepend 2x
5617:1103 – prepend 3x

5617:997 – blackholing for single IPs /32

OTI – AS5511
5617:1200 – do not advertise to AS5511
5617:1201 – prepend 1x
5617:1202 – prepend 2x
5617:1203 – prepend 3x

List of customers (AS5617:as-world-transit)

List of customers of and TPNET peering with access to foreign routes


List of customers (AS5617:as-pl-transit)

List of customers of TPNET peering without access to foreign routes


Looking Glass AS5617

Shows routes available in AS5617



Access to TV package providers– SGT, Evio and Korbank. Using Multicast, you can power your own TV service for end users.

Connections to Korbank are made via a direct VLAN in any access technology.

Connections to Evio and SGT are made via VLAN in any access technology from anywhere in the country.

VLANs are terminated on TPIX router in Warsaw with the PIM protocol.

Specifics of PIM connection:
BPG session on private AS numbers as routing protocol
Set-Top-Box addressing assigned by the content provider (Evio, SGT)