In brief

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced partner in the field of ground segment hosting and top class telecommunication network applicable for satellite operators? Are you looking for convenient and outstanding locations for your equipment?

We offer broad network infrastructure suitable for hosting satellite equipment along with full support and local coordination. Our team has significant expertise and thorough understanding of the digital needs of satellite operators and their customers. We have practical know-how in colocation services and complex end-to-end approach combined with experience in large projects implementation.

Choose appropriate ground space for hosting antennas situated within secured fenced and monitored area leased for the required period of time.

Your benefits

  • Access to extensive network connections

  • Wide outdoor and indoor colocation space

  • Direct access to Data Center and fiber optic connections

  • Solid site power infrastructure and grounding system

  • Access to secured and well-equipped locations in central Poland – e.g.: Orange Teleport in Psary (near Kielce)

Dense fixed and mobile infrastructure assets across Poland including cross-border connections

  • The largest nationwide network in Poland with significant use of sustainable energy sources

  • Central position in Europe supports business needs between East and West

  • Connectivity to any major POP in Western and Eastern Europe including a local tail in requested countries using 10/40/100G xWDM backbone network

  • All neighboring countries connected via two diverse routes

Why Orange Polska?


Service provider for strategic, public and corporate sectors


Stable and reliable partner for long-term cooperation


Established tradition of providing satellite services


Incumbent carrier in Poland