New transitional paper documents handling model

Please be informed that in the interests of the safety of Orange Polska S.A. employees dealing with the handling of paper correspondence, from March 25 of 2020 until further notice a 4-day quarantine period was introduced for parcels delivered to Orange Polska S.A. In practice, it means that the correspondence coming to Orange Polska S.A. will be quarantined and taken to process in the company after 4 days of receipt.

If you have a qualified electronic signature – please replace paper documents requiring a signature (e.g. contracts, annexes, agreements, statements regarding termination of contracts, etc.) by electronic form (pdf) signed with a qualified electronic signature.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that the so-called a trusted profile used in dealing with public administration offices does not replace a qualified electronic signature.

We count on your understanding and we ensure that we make every effort to maintain the current quality of service and provision of wholesale services in this difficult situation for all of us.