Quatar 2022 – TPIX traffic record

Football match Poland – Argentina was broadcasted to the Internet by Polish TV CDN and Orange CDN. Both located in Orange Content PoP and delivered both to Orange footprint from distributed Content Pops and to other ISPs in Poland through TPIX.

During the match:

  • Content PoP generated 5,25 Tbps of traffic, 3 Tbps out of this was match traffic
  • TPIX traffic reached 2,97 Tbps

As a whole Orange networks reached 10,41 Tbps of traffic from different sources: both to Orange subscribers and to subscribers of other ISPs, that are connected to TPIX.

The match event proved that any Content Provider cooperating together with Orange can serve whole Polish footprint with IP events of capacity up to 3 Tbps. Regardless of their length and with limited expenses.

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